0 "I looked down from heaven" - Arabic Christian Song

I looked down from heaven by Songs of Heaven
English lyrics:
I looked down from heaven
At the darkness of nations
At the despair of souls
At the evil of hearts
I looked down at the bewildered
Where no answer could be found
And to the moans of the tired
As their toil is but mirage

I saw you going astray
Drowned in sins
Wandering without a guide
At the crossroads
Justice said: You go
To punishment death.
Love said: I fullfill
Your account for you.

Here in Bethlehem
In the wonderful cradle
Here the march started
Towards the horror of the cross
On it I paid a debt
As painful as flames
On it I shed my blood
For your redemption, beloved one

Come to me, O, you who
Have become tired of escape
Repent and accept a redemption
For the forgiveness of sins
Come here to wake up
From the terrific trap
Come here to regain
A glory that you were robbed of

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